Welcome to the Glen Brook Golf Academy, located at the brand new Glen Brook Driving Range.

We are proud to announce that for the first time Glen Brook has a full length practice facility and with the hiring our extended staff, PGA professional Dustin McCormick, PGA Assistant Professionals Jeremy Mangine and Ashley Ward.  We are excited to offer instructional services that have not been offered at Glen Brook before.

Dustin has been giving instruction for the past 8 years and with his knowledge of the golf swing and new technologies that we offer with instruction, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.  We offer multiple options for any golfer whether brand new to the game or an experienced veteran.

“We all know the greatest part of this game is that no matter how good we get or how late we start playing golf, there is endless room to improve.  I believe that every golfer has a great golf swing inside of them, by using a solid understanding of basic fundamentals and some fixed positions throughout the golf swing, every golfer I have worked with shows marked improvement with a very short time period.  It is what we look for as golfers, immediate improvement” – Dustin McCormick, PGA

For more information and pricing please call 570-421-3680



Glen Brook Golf School

We are offering a private golf school for 2-6 people in a combination of 1-3 day golf schools.

We offer overnight golf schools as well as commuter schools.

Unlike other schools in the area our golf school is customized by the golfers themselves.  We believe that if the golfer knows their weaknesses, we can use that as a focal point to improve their game.

“I have been to golf schools around us in the Pocono’s as well as all around the nation, and unfortunately every golf school is the same.  They are focused around a beginning stage to golf and even though that great for beginners, if you go back 2 years later, you get the same school all over again.  There is no progression for the student, which I believe is needed if a golfer is going to improve.  The best person to know your game is you and our customized golf school uses that to help you get better and shoot lower scores”  – Dustin McCormick, PGA

Prices adjust based on length of school, number of participants, and type of school.  Please contact the pro shop and ask for Dustin to receive a quote.